5 Best College Student Auto Insurance
5 Best College Student Auto Insurance

5 Best College Student Auto Insurance

We compared typical premiums, the availability of student discounts, customer satisfaction, and other factors to discover the six businesses recommended below in our quest for affordable car insurance for college students. Below is college student auto insurance offers from our advertising partners, followed by our comprehensive list of the best automobile insurance carriers for college students.

Best college student auto insurance

State Farm

The good-student discount from State Farm might save you up to 25% on car insurance coverage. State eligibility requirements differ. Typically, the driver must be a full-time student with a minimum grade point average of 3.0. (out of 4.0). Furthermore, the discount is valid until drivers reach the age of 25, even if they graduate from college before then.

State Farm
State Farm: Best College Student Auto Insurance

State Farm’s student-away-at-school discount is ideal for college students who live on campus and do not require a car. You qualify if you reside more than 100 miles from home, keep your car at home, and only drive it while you’re on vacation or during a holiday.

State Farm’s Steer Clear program allows all drivers under the age of 25 to save money on car insurance. Through a training program, drivers can evaluate and enhance their driving skills. If you finish the course within six months, you will be eligible for a discount.


GEICO provides a wide range of coverage quantities and types. GEICO provides emergency roadside assistance, mechanical breakdown coverage, and renters and homeowners insurance in addition to all of the conventional auto insurance packages.

GEICO provides approximately 20 savings to qualifying policyholders in addition to comprehensive coverage. While the only discount expressly for college students is the 15% Good Student discount, students can still take advantage of usual discounts, such as those for cars with safety features and those for customers who bundle GEICO insurance or stay with the business for years.

GEICO routinely earns high evaluations from both customers and industry professionals in terms of financial soundness and customer service. AM Best has assigned the company an A++ rating for financial strength. In addition, J.D. Power ranked GEICO first in its 2021 Insurance Shopping Study.

Students with a troublesome driving past, such as a history of speeding fines, may have difficulty acquiring GEICO coverage, so it’s best to get an online quote before switching.


A per-mile cost is charged by Metromile dependent on how many miles you drive. That is, if you drive less, you will pay less. Metromile promises that its insurance will save you money if you travel less than 12,000 miles per year, which is the national average.

You may also enter your current insurance costs on their website to check if Metromile would save you money. Depending on the state, Metromile does not charge you if you drive more than 250 miles each day. This daily cost cap will assist you to avoid overpaying for a road trip or driving home from college. Metromile does not charge cars in New Jersey for exceeding 150 miles per day.

Metromile: Best College Student Auto Insurance

The company’s main disadvantage is its restricted availability. Metromile is currently only available in the following states: Arizona, California, Illinois, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington.

If Metromile isn’t available in your area, check with your insurance provider about a low-mileage discount, which most companies provide.


Allstate Mobile provides access to plan information, bill payment, roadside help, and the ability to contact an insurance agent.

The best aspect is that you may file a claim directly from the app. This saves you from making extended phone conversations during a difficult period.

Allstate’s representatives give excellent customer service in addition to the app. This might be a tremendous help for college students who aren’t sure how their auto insurance policy works.

Keep in mind that Allstate’s insurance can be costly for college students on a tight budget. Student drivers should think carefully about how they value service quality versus cost.

Auto-Owners Insurance

Auto-Owners provides the conventional auto insurance products that most drivers require, as well as a number of coverage extras like roadside assistance, towing coverage, rental car reimbursement, and diminished car value coverage.

Auto-Owners, for example, provide an add-on coverage known as the Personal Automobile Plus Package. It covers stolen personal things in your vehicle, identity theft, cell phones lost or damaged in a collision, and more. This can be a useful add-on for families concerned about theft or damage to a car parked on campus.

Auto-Owners, like the majority of the other vehicle insurance providers on this list, offer a variety of discounts. Furthermore, some of its most significant savings are available directly to college students.

The company’s Good Student Discount saves students with a B average or above up to 20%, and the Student Away at School Discount saves students who attend school more than 100 miles from home without a vehicle even more.

Auto-Owners Insurance
Auto-Owners Insurance: Best College Student Auto Insurance

Frequently asked questions

Who has the most affordable auto insurance for college students?

At $388 per month, Geico offers the best average rate for college-age drivers. However, State Farm offers the best savings, including reductions for outstanding grades and driving training, as well as a discount for being away from school.

How much does auto insurance cost for an 18-year-old college student?

If a typical 18-year-old student has their own coverage and keeps their car on campus, automobile insurance costs around $598 per month. However, you can lower your costs by sharing a policy with your parents or qualifying for discounts, such as one for good grades.

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