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7 Best Books On Communication skills you should read

Communication isn’t just about talking, it’s about listening, collaborating, and building relationships. Therefore, communication skills in daily life are extremely important. However, not everyone communicates well, and skillfully. Therefore, we will introduce you to Best Books On Communication, helping you to practice your communication skills better and better.

7 Best Books On Communication skills you should read

1. The Art of Communication for Success – Leil Lowndes

One of the most popular Best Books On Communication today is “The Art of Communication for Success”. This book provides readers with methods to communicate confidently and effectively. Besides, the real-life communication lessons of successful people in the world and the author’s own are also analyzed thoroughly and deeply. From here, you can draw valuable lessons yourself to apply in your daily life.

This book is suitable for a wide range of readers such as students, business people, housewives, etc. Some of the topics covered in the book are creating an impressive start, flexibly integrating into any group, etc. .. If you have not found yourself a book to practice communication skills, you can consider “The art of communication for success”.

2. The Power of Words – By Don Gabor

“The Power of Words” is the Best Books On Communication that revolves around methods to improve vocabulary and how to use them to suit each communication context. Some contexts and situations are mentioned in the book such as creating sympathy with neighbors, and how reconciling relationships with difficult colleagues or customers,… With many practical examples and communication tips useful, the book will help you practice and hone your behavioral skills.

The Power of Words - By Don Gabor

The book’s content is conveyed close, and the language is diverse and easy to understand, which can be suitable for many readers. Read and meditate on the title of the book “The Power of Words”. When applied in practice, you will feel that your words and handling of situations in your communication change positively day by day.

3. Good speech will get the world.

The book “Flexible speech will win the world” will help you learn many communication skills from basic everyday situations to issues that need to be handled delicately and skillfully. Sometimes not everyone knows how to skillfully handle common problems in life such as how to say hello at the table, and how to refuse alcohol so that the other person doesn’t get upset,… These Best Books On Communication will help you become a friend. become a well-spoken person like the name itself.

The content is conveyed coherently, integrating theory and many specific illustrative situations to help readers easily visualize and apply in life. The book also shares very clear opinions such as knowledge is the first thing you need to communicate and share smoothly or sincere transmission will be the most effective language to help you touch your feelings. the opponent’s feelings.

4. The Perfect Rejection – By William Ury

In everyday life, there are many situations where you need to say no. However, to hold in hand the secret to saying no and still maintaining a good relationship with the opposite person is something not everyone knows. Read the Best Books On Communication “The Perfect Rejection” to practice this skill. With content that is engaging and practical, this is a book suitable for most readers. You will get useful tips, and methods to say no skillfully, without damaging relationships after reading this book.

5. Seven levels of communication for success – Michael J.Meher

Seven levels of communication for success - Michael J.Meher

“Seven Levels of Communication for Success” is a book that provides the art of business communication. If you are working in the field of business, and sales, this is the Best Books On Communication you should read through. The book consists of 12 chapters, each of which tells a fictional story. Through each story, readers will reflect on themselves and draw valuable lessons to apply in life.

6. How to Win Friends and Influence People- Dale Carnegie

Nearly 80 years since its appearance, How to Win Friends and Influence People is still a favorite book of many generations who want to improve themselves to reach a more successful and better life. The content of How to Win Friends and Influence People (Fall in love with people) is advice on how to behave and communicate with people to achieve success in life.

This book is specific and detailed with instructions to lead people, to sympathize, and lead others,… Over time, those guidelines may no longer be so relevant in modern life. But if readers can feel and understand the message that the author wants to convey, then applying it to life becomes simple and effective.

Best Books On Communication

Dale Carnegie can be understood as the art of winning people’s hearts and making people love them. “How to Win Friends and Influence People” in this sense needs to be felt by understanding yourself, being honest with yourself, and understanding and caring for those around you so that you can see and evoke untapped potential. break in them, help them grow to new heights. This is considered the highest art about people and also the deepest meaning is drawn from the golden principles of author Dale Carnegie.

This book has been translated into almost every language in the world and is available in hundreds of countries.  How to Win Friends and Influence People has continuously topped the list of best-selling books voted by the New York Times for 10 consecutive years. This has been somewhat of the value of this book.

7. Psychological blows in persuasion – Robert B. Cialdini

Surely there has been a time when you have met people whose words and actions are so captivating that you seem to be led by their ideas and beliefs. Have you ever wondered what makes these people so powerful? The answer is that they rely on the psychological principles of the art of persuasion to attract people, sway and turn those who disagree or oppose into supporters. Not only is it impressive how easily they use charisma and eloquence to convince others to agree with them, but also how they get others excited by doing so. Such people are called persuasive experts.

It is not only professionals who know and apply the principles of the art of persuasion. In our daily relationships with friends, neighbors, friends, colleagues, customers, and competitors, we often use psychological principles to influence others, but we are not familiar with them. understand thoroughly to be able to maximize the power of these “weapons” of influence.

In the title “Psychological blows in persuasion”, author-psychologist Robert Cialdini has pointed out and analyzed 6 psychological principles of the art of persuasion including consistency, response, social status, prestige, sympathy, and scarcity.

Each type is governed by a basic psychological principle that governs human behavior and thereby gives strength to each trick. Especially when combined, they make a huge impact. “Psychological blows in persuasion” is one of the most appreciated titles in the world. It was on the New York Times bestseller list and Fortune magazine’s “75 most intellectual business books” list. This will be a useful and valuable book that will help you learn how to influence others and get what you want.


Above, the article has shared with you the Best Books On Communication you should read once. Communication skills need to be cultivated, accumulated regularly, and learned from many different sources.

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