Things To Do In Fukuoka

The 8 Best Things To Do In Fukuoka Worth Visiting

On the island of Kyushu, the city and port of Fukuoka are well-known for their picturesque beaches, temples, and the ruins of the Fukuoka Castle from the seventeenth century. With a population of about 1.6 million, this city on Hakata Bay is not as chaotic as Tokyo, Yokohama, or Osaka but is yet big enough to offer a variety of Things To Do In Fukuoka that will appeal to most tourists. The Naka River passes through the city.

Are the best and most distinctive experiences in Fukuoka what you’re looking for? The following list of The Best 8 Things To Do In Fukuoka includes shrines, owl cafes, and some of the city’s greatest restaurants.

The 8 Best Things To Do In Fukuoka Worth Visiting

1. Visit Kushida Shrine 

The Kushida shrine, or “Okushida-san,” as the people frequently refer to him, is one of Hakata’s biggest and most well-known shrines. The shrine was constructed in 757 at Emperor Konken’s request in honor of the goddesses Amaterasu, Susanowo, and Ohatanushi no Mikoto.

Things To Do In Fukuoka

The temple draws visitors and followers from all over the world, but its summer festival, the spectacular Hakata Gion Yamakasa, a two-week event in July, brings it to life. The festival is a wonderful opportunity to learn about Japanese folk culture.

From the Nakatsu-Kawabata station, the temple is conveniently located less than 10 minutes away by subway. By scheduling this full-day tour with a certified government guide, you can also go to Kushida Shrine and other sights.

2. Discover Pop Culture in Tenjin

The Tenjin district in Fukuoka is where you can discover the pop culture, shopping, and nightlife. This area is well-known for its wide selection of high-end restaurants, casual and upscale shops, and boutiques, as well as a sizable subterranean shopping mall called Tenjin Chikagai. Oyafuko Street, the hub of Tenjin, is a favorite gathering place for youthful residents and a great place to grab a coffee or a fast meal.

Things To Do In Fukuoka

You’ll like Tenjin Central Park, a true green haven in the heart of the city if you enjoy jaw-dropping buildings where design and nature converge. There are many little karaoke bars in the Daimyo neighborhood if you want to spend the night like a native.

Booking a private karaoke room for you and your friends to enjoy a pleasant evening is a local Things To Do In Fukuoka. On this personalized tour, you may also check out Tenjin and other nightlife areas in Fukuoka.

3. Walk around a tranquil park

Visit Ohori Park and Nishi Park, the two primary city parks in Fukuoka. The most distinguishing feature of Ohori Park is a sizable pond (nearly a lake) with three small islands: Willow Island, Pine Island, and Sweet Flag Island, which are all connected to the park by bridges. It is relaxing to stroll through Ohori Park while admiring the surrounding natural scenery and the beauty of the river.

Things To Do In Fukuoka

Spend some time at the park during the afternoon to relax and get away from the busy city center. Nishi Park is within a 15-minute stroll away from Ohori Park. With its superb vantage position above Fukuoka, Nishi Park is a great site to visit if you enjoy taking pictures of city skylines.

4. Ride the Yufin no Mori Express

Reserve a seat on the Yufin no Mori Express, the sightseeing train that runs from Hakata to Beppu, for a lovely and distinctive Fukuoka experience. Train enthusiasts will be in their element. The Japanese word for the forest is more.

Everything about the interior of this train will make you think of the outdoors, including the walls painted a sage green color and the wooden carriages. If you’re traveling with friends, reserve a carriage for the two of you. For a better view, try to get a seat at either the front or back of the train. At Chuo-gai, Hakata-eki, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka, you can see Yufin no mori.

5. Try the Yatai Food Stalls

The Yatai of Fukuoka is a well-known representation of the city. Yatai is an outdoor food stall that offers straightforward and excellent fare like chicken skewers, ramen, and hot pots. Yatai toilets often have seven or eight seats positioned around the outside of them. You will eat side by side with the locals when you visit a stall, providing a wonderful cultural experience.

Things To Do In Fukuoka

Around the Yatai stand, it is normal to converse with other people, and many Yatai discourages using cell phones in order to retain this tradition. However, if you don’t know the language well, you shouldn’t feel obligated to do this. Yatai is typically open from 6:00 to 2:00, however, they might close if it’s bad outside. When visiting Fukuoka, these are must-see cultural Things To Do In Fukuoka and can be seen all throughout the city center.

6. Visit the temple of Shofukuji

Shofukuji Temple is the Things To Do In Fukuoka to go if you want to learn about Japan’s fascinating past. Myan Eisai, a Japanese Buddhist priest who brought Rinzai Zen Buddhism to Japan, established this magnificent temple in 1195. Although it has been wrecked and rebuilt numerous times over the ages, it serves as the country of Japan’s earliest Zen temple.

Although you cannot visit the temple itself, you may stroll about the lovely grounds and take in all the architecture and gardens that have to offer, which will give you a deep understanding of Fukuoka’s amazing past.

7. Go to Hakata’s Canal City

With more than 250 stores, restaurants, and entertainment venues, Canal City Hakata functions as a sizable retail mall and entertainment complex. This enormous complex, which bills itself as a “city within a city,” is renowned for the sizable canal that passes through its heart and makes for a picturesque shopping experience.

Things To Do In Fukuoka

Among the restaurants and shops in Canal City are well-known worldwide chains, specialty stores, and small local companies. The complex has two luxurious hotels, a game room, a theater, and several other entertainment venues. The complex has a variety of independent specialty stores as well as big-name retailers, making it the ideal Things To Do In Fukuoka to stock up on necessities or purchase gifts.

8. Joining the Hakata Gion Yamakasa Festival

You would be remiss not to attend the renowned Hakata Gion Yamakasa Festival if you were in Fukuoka during the first part of July! This is a huge celebration that takes place on the streets of Hakata, and it involves men pushing elaborately painted floats down a 5-kilometer route through the city. It draws almost a million attendees a year from both locals and visitors, demonstrating its enormous popularity.

The floats themselves are ornately painted, up to 13 meters tall, and frequently include samurai or anime figures. It’s crucial to note that the event begins at 4:59 am, however despite the early hour, you shouldn’t miss it!


We hope that after reading this list of The Best Things To Do In Fukuoka, you have a complete plan for your next trip to Fukuoka. To ensure that you are completely prepared for your future trip to Japan, be sure to read our guide to Japanese cultural subtleties.

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