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10 Best Cheap Restaurants Tokyo You Will Love

Want to eat well without going broke in one of the top cuisine cities in the world? Tokyo has you covered, so don’t worry. Even though the cost of living in the capital may not be decreasing, the population is nonetheless hungry for good meals at affordable costs. Tokyo is one of the best places in the world for a terrific meal at a low price because there are a huge of Best Cheap Restaurants Tokyo in this article will give you many suggestions! Let’s explored it.

10 Best Cheap Restaurants Tokyo You Will Love

1. Menchirashi – Best Cheap Restaurants Tokyo


Menchirashi, a chic spot for house-made udon noodles among Harajuku’s sophisticated clientele, is tucked away in an alley off Cat Street. However, don’t be put off by the décor, which has an American diner feel with a contemporary Japanese touch. Prices here are relatively affordable, with most udon meals costing less than 1,000.

Menchirashi is well-known for its onigiri rice balls and fried tempura, which go well with a bowl of udon. If the menu gives you FOMO, choose the Kake udon (plain noodles in broth) for 450 yen, add some tempura (from 150 yen per piece), and conclude with an onigiri filled with different ingredients, such as tuna and takuan (daikon) pickles (from 200 yen). You’ll try a variety of things that way.

2. Sushizanmai Restaurant


Sushizanmai provides high-quality sushi expertise at a fair rate. The basic one-person lunch set (800 yen) includes eight parts of sushi, tamagoyaki, makizushi (rolled sushi), miso soup, a salad, and unlimited green tea refills.

For an additional 200 yen, visitors can get the 1.5-person set, which includes the tamagoyaki.

3. Fuku Soba

This unassuming noodle shop in Ningyocho is tucked away on a side street and has a standing-only counter for hungry slurpers. Tickets for soba and udon can be purchased from the vending machine, with prices starting at 310. But it’s the tempura, deep-fried toppings in the shape of crispy discs, with ingredients like Beni shoga (pickled ginger), small sakura shrimp, burdock, or a carrot-and-onion mix, that set Fuku Soba apart

(also called kakiage). Tempura soba will set you back 440, with additional fritters costing 130 each.

4. Sanuki Udon Hanamaru

Sanuki Udon Hanamaru is a fantastic spot in Tokyo to eat udon on a budget. This chain sells pasta in three different sizes (small, medium, and large), also with basic udon costing 150 Yen. Tempura ranges in price from 50 to 200 yen, relying on the food.Best-Cheap-Restautants-Tokyo

5. Oreryu Shio Ramen

Oreyu’s extensive ramen menu includes over 30 options, so if you’re feeling overwhelmed, stick to the classics. The Oreryu shio ramen is a light, flavorful bowl topped with tender slices of pork, spring onions, spinach, and mushrooms. The Oreryu juku shio ramen, on the other hand, is more customizable, with three broth options to choose from; our favorite is the jukusei (rich salt), which features a creamy pure chicken bone broth (no dairy added!). This hearty bowl is garnished with two slices of chashu pork, fried chicken karaage, and a soft-boiled egg. Feel free to season your meal with condiments such as yuzu kosho (yuzu chilli paste), garlic paste, umeboshi (pickled plum) paste, and chilli paste.

6. Tajima

Tajima’s lunch offerings are hard to beat because top-notch seafood at a suitable rate is hard to come by. This tranquil sushi Best Cheap Restaurants Tokyo, located just outside Nakano-Sakaue Station, serves three seafood donburi rice bowls for 1,000 yen each: a kaisendon topped with fresh seafood, a zeitakudon covered with a mixture of finely diced seafood (tuna, octopus, salmon roe, whitebait, etc), and a bakudandon topped with the aforementioned minced seafood, natto (fermented soybeans), and Do you prefer sushi? A seven-piece nigiri set with maki rolls and tamagoyaki (egg roll) is also available for $1,000. All lunch options include miso soup and a side dish.

7. Yoshinoya

Best Cheap Restaurants Tokyo

Yoshinoya is my take spot for a quick but inexpensive meal. Gyodon with meat and shallots, sweet shoyu sauce, and white rice is the specialty of this Best Cheap Restaurants Tokyo chain. Yoshinoya serves tasty rice dishes at reasonable prices, with meals ranging from 330 yen to 750 yen.

In Japan, the chain can be found on nearly every street corner, particularly near the JR train station. Despite the shop’s small size, the symbol is easily noticeable.

8. Ebisoba Ichigen


This cozy Best Cheap Restaurants Tokyo, which is originally from Sapporo, is well known for its prawn-stock ramen, which is produced by boiling down red shrimp heads to extract their saline, umami sweetness, and then finishing with pork back fat and shrimp oil. You’ll want to finish your bowl of delicious soup that has an oceanic flavor.

You can select between the shrimp soup mentioned above and one that also includes pork for the inexpensive price of 830 yen. You can also add miso, salt, or soy sauce as a spice. If you enjoy the full, natural flavor of shrimp, plump for salt. Every order of noodles includes a char siu slice and a half of a seasoned soft-boiled egg. You can get one of the most delicious pan-fried gyozas for an additional 380 yen.

9. Matsuya

Matsuya is another chain of Best Cheap Restaurants Tokyo, Japan, similar to Yoshinoya and Sukiya. Starting at 390 Yen, Matsuya primarily sells rice meals with pork and beef.

Additionally, this Best Cheap Restaurants Tokyo is practical because you can get a voucher from a vending machine before placing an order. Don’t worry if you don’t understand the language; there are photos of food on the ticket machine.

10. An all-you-can-eat dessert called Sweet Paradise

In Tokyo, Japan, there is a popular all-you-can-eat dessert buffet called Sweet Paradise. You have roughly an hour to eat at this well-known chain Best Cheap Restaurants Tokyo, which provides over 30 different dessert options and 25 different beverages.

You can choose from a variety of foods, such as pasta dishes, curry rice, and salads, in addition to dessert. You must purchase a ticket from the vending machine at the store’s entrance in order to partake of the delectable cuisine offered at Sweets Paradise.

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