Things To Do In Hokkaido Winter

The 10 Best Things To Do In Hokkaido Winter Worth Trying Once

Are you planning a trip to Hokkaido? Do you want to know what Things To Do In Hokkaido Winter? After reading this post, you may believe that winter (December to February) is the ideal time to visit and have the best experience in Hokkaido! Hokkaido, Japan’s northern wonderland, is one of the country’s most popular Things To Do In Hokkaido Winter. Hokkaido is a true Japanese treasure, with breathtaking scenery, charming cities, and delectable cuisine.

Because it is located in the far north of the country, Hokkaido has a much cooler climate than the rest of Japan. During the winter months of December to February, it snows frequently and the temperature goes below 0°C, causing many tourists to avoid visiting due to the strange weather conditions. It is, nevertheless, the most beautiful time of year, with the wide land covered in white snow, providing the most breathtaking view. So, today, we‘d like to share some of the 10 Best Things To Do In Hokkaido Winter Worth Trying Once, as well as why winter may be the greatest time to come.

The 10 Best Things To Do In Hokkaido Winter

1. Ski/Snowboarding

Hokkaido has several world-class ski and snowboard destinations that draw people from all over the world. The powder snow in Hokkaido is well regarded, and the gorgeous panorama of the mountain range is simply breathtaking. Rusutsu and Niseko Village are two of Hokkaido’s most well-known ski resorts.

Things To Do In Hokkaido Winter

Depending on your skill level, multiple slopes are available, and even if you are not interested in winter sports, most resorts offer snow parks, onsen, and some indoor facilities. The majority of Hokkaido’s ski resorts are open from late November to early December and close in April and May.

2. Join in Sapporo Snow Festival

Every year, the country’s largest winter snow event is held in Sapporo City, Hokkaido, attracting millions of tourists. It’s incredible to witness the number of man-made snow/ice sculptures on exhibit, and the city gets so joyful by celebrating the frozen winter. It is without a doubt one of the best events in the world.

Things To Do In Hokkaido Winter

Aside from the winter festival, Sapporo has a variety of Things To Do In Hokkaido Winter, including the morning fish market, the Sapporo Beer Museum, parks, restaurants, and more.

3. Drift Ice Walking

The next Things To Do In Hokkaido Winter is ice walking. The Sea of Okhotsk divides Japan and Russia at the island’s northern tip. In the winter, ice floes fill the river, creating a once-in-a-lifetime chance. Winter visitors to Shiretoko National Park in Hokkaido’s northern region can see the water over 80% packed with drift ice. There are drift ice walking trips that will allow you to travel out on top of the ice and even take a plunge in the freezing cold sea if you’re feeling very brave. If you want to see nature up close, it’s a good idea to plan these Things To Do In Hokkaido Winter ahead of time. The greatest time to see drift ice is around mid-February.

4. Ice Fishing

Ice fishing may not be everyone’s idea of fun, but it’s a winter hobby in Japan just like it is in America, and it’s one of those things you should experience at least once in your life. Head out onto the lake and ask for assistance in boring a hole in the ice so you can try your hand at wakasagi, or smelt, fishing with a simple pole. The Barato River is not far from Sapporo, and novice tours include a tent and all the equipment needed to stay warm for a one-day fishing trip.

5. Visit Ice Village of Hoshino Resorts TOMAMU

Every year from December to March, a specially made ice village can be found in Tomamu. From the perfectly constructed houses to the bars, everything here is made of ice. The extremely cold temperatures allow the ice to keep its shape so well that it may be utilized to construct massive, usable constructions. Visit the enchanted ice chapel or go ice skating in the Ice Plaza.

Things To Do In Hokkaido Winter

There’s even an ice hot tub and a hotel made of ice. Every year, there are a few special events, ranging from fireworks to a performance performed on ice musical instruments. The Ice Village is best seen at night when the resort has lighted it to transform it into something magical.

6. Noboribetsu Onsen

This is Hokkaido’s most well-known hot spring resort. There are numerous hotels and inns in the area, all of which give the opportunity to soak your concerns away. For a modest cost, several of the baths are open during the day to people who are not staying the night. You can also enjoy some of the newly opened stores and eateries for visitors. Baths are typically divided by gender.

Many have hot spring spas both indoors and outside. Each of these hotels and inns has its own distinct personality. Enjoy the lengthy and peaceful history of Japanese hot spring baths at Noboribetsu. You are welcome to spend the night at this hotel, which is well-known for its private onsen baths.

8. Sightseeing on Mount Hakodate

Things To Do In Hokkaido Winter

This peak rises 334 meters above sea level. The mountaintop observatory can be reached via ropeway or bus. Once there, take in the view of the sea and the enormous urban districts of Hakodate below. A snowy walk along the paths will reveal a beautiful winter landscape. The city lights, as well as the lights of ships at sea, can be seen at night. As the snow reflects the myriad hues of the city lights, this picture is transformed into something out of a postcard.

9. Go to the Asahiyama Zoo, Asahikawa

Winter zoos may not sound appealing, but Asahiyama Zoo in Asahikawa city offers something unique. Enter domes that transport you to polar bear and wolf habitats. Swim with swimming seals as they swim across their specially designed ‘Marine Way.’ Penguin walks are the zoo’s most popular winter activity.

Depending on their health, the zoo’s king penguins parade twice a day. When they detect barriers in their path, king penguins naturally go in straight lines, thus the zoo urges spectators to serve as the obstacles by lining up along the penguins’ path! This is an excellent Things To Do In Hokkaido Winter to see these rare birds that are not found anyplace else.

10. Shakotan

The Shakotan Peninsula’s Cape Kamui stretches out into the Sea of Japan. While it is well renowned for its wonderful sea life in the summer, this gorgeous location comes alive in the winter. Yoichi Distillery offers a whiskey museum as well as Nikka Whiskey.

Things To Do In Hokkaido Winter

You can also go to the Yoichi Space Museum, which has a lot of interactive exhibits. Backcountry skiing is available for the more adventurous. After all of your exploring, treat yourself to some of the region’s famous seafood at a local restaurant. Shakotan provides something for everyone throughout the winter.

To sum up:

The above-mentioned Things To Do In Hokkaido Winter can also be visited around January and February. There are some very interesting winter festivals that take place in Hokkaido in early February. Please check out the festival calendar before coming. Thank you for reading and see you later!

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