Things To Do In Kochi

Top 10 Wonderful Things To Do In Kochi You Must Try

One of Kerala’s most fascinating cities, Kochi has a rich colonial history and an illustrious past. Kochi’s unique cultural character has been nurtured and influenced over the years by various foreign forces, including the Dutch, Arabs, Chinese, British, and Portuguese. A trip to Kochi is a must for anyone visiting Kerala. Kochi’s distinctive craftsmanship, culture, way of life, and cuisine all contribute to an excellent trip. Here are a few Things To Do In Kochi, Kerala, to make the most of your trip.

Top 10 Wonderful Things To Do In Kochi

1. Meander Through Mattancherry

Things To Do In Kochi

The historic colonial neighborhood of Mattancherry in Fort Kochi is evocative and cosmopolitan. It’s a lovely location to stroll through, especially in the evenings when lamps light up the bells of the temples ring and them. The Mattancherry Dutch Palace, constructed by the Portuguese and gifted to the Raja of Kochi in 1555, was the primary draw when it was rebuilt by the Dutch in 1663. Although it lacks the opulence you might anticipate from a palace, its simple aspect adds to its allure. A modest museum and some rare artwork are housed inside, including portraits of former monarchs and exquisite murals from the Hindu epics.

2. Toss a Fishing Net

Kochi’s most identifiable landmark, the classic Chinese Fishing Nets, has been there since the 14th century and is still in use today. Take a turn operating the net; for a modest price, the neighborhood fishermen will demonstrate how they work.

Go to the shoreline in the late afternoon where the nets line the shore for a lunch of some of the freshest fish you’ve ever had. There, you can purchase fresh seafood from a fishmonger, have it prepared in a shack nearby, and then take pleasure in eating it as the sun sets.

3. Catch the Ferry to Vypeen Island

Take the nearby ferry from Fort Kochi to Vypeen Island and travel with the locals. The island is a peaceful, undeveloped destination to get away from tourists and has deliciously lengthy beaches. The biggest draw is Cherai beach, which is located on the northernmost tip. Other attractions in Kochi include the lighthouse at Puthuvype Beach, which is open every day from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m., the Pallipuram Fort from the 16th century, which is a part of the Muziris Heritage Project, and Kuzhuppilly Beach. Munambam Fishing Harbor is the main fishing harbor in Kochi.

4. Princess Street – Street Shopping And Cafes

Tourists frequently like Princess Street, also known as Loafer’s Corner, because it is regarded as one of Kochi’s oldest neighborhoods. Visit Princess Street if you’re looking for entertaining Things To Do In Kochi. It provides the ideal fusion of the old and the modern worlds.

Things To Do In Kochi

There are many homes and structures on both sides of Princess Street with European architectural styles, primarily British, Dutch, and Portuguese, demonstrating the area’s significant colonial history impact. Cafés, street shopping, book stores, craft, and souvenir businesses, and a lively population make the area special.

5. Thiruvankulam – Go Snorkeling

One of the strangest Things To Do In Kochi is this. You may get up and personal with Kerala’s peculiar marine life by snorkeling here. Even while it’s less well-known than other water sports and daring activities in Kochi and throughout Kerala, it nevertheless makes for a fun challenge for those who want to try something new.

Many people aren’t even aware that, in addition to boating, dolphin viewing, and paragliding, they can attempt this sport here. With the aid of qualified experts and top-notch equipment, visitors can attempt this pastime at various beaches in Kochi.

6. Visit Santa Cruz Basilica, Kochi

One of India’s eight basilicas is the Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica, which is situated in Fort Kochi. This stunning Roman Catholic church, which can be found in Fort Kochi on K.B. Jacob Road, serves as the diocese of Kochi’s cathedral. The church is the second Portuguese cathedral to be constructed.

Things To Do In Kochi

Along with the lovely stained glass windows, the columns are covered with frescoes, and there are seven enormous canvas paintings as well. Some exquisitely painted depictions of Christ’s Via Crucis are displayed on the ceiling. Given that it commemorates the founding of Christianity in India, this Cathedral has great meaning for the Christians living in Kochi.

7. Go to Mattancherry Palace

The Mattancherry Palace often referred to as the Dutch Palace, is a Portuguese palace located at Mattancherry, Kochi, in the Indian state of Kerala. The former Mattancherry Palace is now a museum that houses artifacts once owned by the Kochi rajas. Learn about Kerala’s intriguing past here with the use of priceless artifacts and embellishments by traveling to this location.

Its simplicity and construction in the traditional Kerala-style homes designated for the nobles give Mattancherry Palace its majesty. The Mattancherry Palace’s four distinct wings are arranged around a central courtyard with a temple. It has murals showing exhibits and portraits of the Kochi Rajas. They feature stunning mythological murals and a portrait gallery of the Cochin Rajas, all of which were painted in warm colors employing the tempera technique.

8. Explore Jewish Culture in Paradesi Synagogue

Things To Do In Kochi

The oldest Jewish synagogue in the Commonwealth of Nations is located in Kochi. Locals refer to it as Paradesi Synagogue since it was frequently frequented by Jews from the Middle East and Europe, who were considered paradise or outsiders. Originally constructed in 1568, the synagogue was later renovated by the Dutch. The synagogue features a gilded pulpit and imported Chinese floor tiles with a hand-painted willow motif. The synagogue is illuminated by a stunning Belgian chandelier, and the distinctive clock tower only adds to its allure.

9. Go to Kathakali Center to watch Kathakali

Things To Do In Kochi

One of the best Things To Do In Kochi is to watch the traditional dance performance. Kerala is the place where Kathakali, a classical dance style, first emerged. It is well recognized for its stunning and vibrant costumes. The dance genre features themes and narratives drawn from the Hindu epics Ramayana and Mahabharata as well as several other folktales. The Kochi Kathakali Center hosts regular performances and provides a behind-the-scenes peek at the performers as they get ready for the classical dance events.

10. Visit Indo-Portuguese Museum

Things To Do In Kochi

This is one among the many activities in Kochi that would appeal to history aficionados. In the Bishop’s House yard is where you’ll find the Indo-Portuguese Museum. It protects the classical history and heritage of one of the earliest Catholic communities in India, including altarpieces, vestments, and processional crosses made of silver from the diocese of Cochin. Visit the Indo-Portuguese Museum’s basement while you’re here to look around the Fort Immanuel ruins. Any history enthusiast must go to this place.


Above is our list of 10 Wonderful Things To Do In Kochi that you can try on your next trip to Kochi, I am sure that you will have the best memorable trip. Thank you for reading!

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