Top 5 Interesting Things To Do In Japan In August

Japan is lovely all year round, but if you enjoy summer, you’ll adore August in Japan with its vibrant hues, exciting sights, and joyful atmosphere. There are a huge of Interesting Things To Do In Japan In August, from many festivals to going hiking and enjoying many delicious meals in this season. Let’s explore our article to learn more.

Top 5 Interesting Things To Do In Japan In August

1. Enjoy many summer festivals in August in Japan

  • Nebuta Matsuri festival

Nebuta Matsuri, which occurs in August, is one of the largest festivals in Japan and is one of the Best Things To Do In Japan In August. From August 2 through August 7, Aomori City hosts this feast, which annually draws more than three million visitors. The daily parade of enormous lantern floats featuring musicians, dancers, and big taiko drummers is the main attraction of this celebration.

The floats for this festival are built by local teams who paint washi paper over a wireframe that requires an entire year to develop and produce. The floats can each be up to 5 meters tall and 9 meters wide.


Each float’s paintings are themed differently and depict gods, legendary or historical figures, NHK Taiga Drama characters, and kabuki actors. The festival’s floats are illuminated and pulled by carriers through the city every evening. As you watch numerous dancers in traditional attire amusing the crowd around the floats, the scene just gets more stunning.

Only two-thirds of the lantern floats participate in the parades on the first two nights (the second and third). However, the parade is in full force from August 4 to August 6 when each float makes an entry. All of the floats are mounted on boats and paraded around the bay on the evening of August 7. Finally, the celebrations are concluded with a two-hour fireworks display at night.

You can take part in a number of festivities during this feast at Rassera Land in addition to the procession. It is situated along the city’s seafront next to the ASPM building. The floats may be seen here during the day, and you can get a closer look at them. Visitors can also meet some of the designers and constructors and take pictures with them. At ASPM, there are also singing and dancing acts and merchants selling tasty food and items for the event.

You can probably understand why this fiesta is so well-liked by tourists now that you are aware of all the details about it. So, I advise you to seize the chance to do these interesting Things To Do In Japan In August.

  • Awa Odori Festival

There is a festival that will undoubtedly pique your interest if you enjoy the dance. Numerous dance festivals are organized all throughout Japan around the middle of August. The most well-known of these is Awa Odori in Tokushima City. Thousands of fans travel to Tokushima between August 12 and 15 to watch the 400-year-old “Fool’s Dance.”

Wait a minute!

Don’t you suppose it will appear to be a group of idiots performing the bizarre dance after hearing the term Fool’s Dance? Actually, it kind of is true! This moniker is derived from the lyrics of a popular dance song, which read: “The dancers are idiots, the observers are fools, both are fools alike.”



So prepare to enjoy every second of your time here while witnessing these dance routines, and smile like a fool while doing so. While some events take place during the day, the main show begins between 18:00 and 22:30 when dancers perform in the streets of downtown Tokushima that have been closed off.

It is regarded as one of the greatest festivals in Japan. Each performance group dances with great intensity and rhythm while donning colorful outfits. Therefore, don’t miss to join the event at any cost if you wish to take a happy pill.

  • Yamagata Hanagasa Festival


Yeah! Another dance event to get you moving to the beat. As I previously mentioned, August is a popular time for dance feasts all around Japan. The Hanagasa Festival is one such occasion that takes place in Yamagata Prefecture.

This fiesta, which runs from August 5 to 7, is planned to honor local dance and music customs. You can only utter “aww” when you watch the lovely young children dancing joyfully. The dancers’ don caps are embellished with benihana (safflower). Through the roadway that faces Bunshokan, Yamagata’s former city hall, they perform to the beat of folk tunes.

  • Besides many interesting summer festivals, there are also some fireworks you can enjoy


In Japan, there are numerous Things To Do In Japan In August such as fireworks festivals occurring throughout the month, particularly on the weekends. Typically, there are many food stalls selling classic summer street delicacies like Yakisoba (fried noodles), Yakitori (chicken skewers), Wata-ame (cotton candy), and more in addition to the amazing fireworks displays.

2. Wearing the traditional summer costume is the second Things To Do In Japan In August

The ideal method to participate in Japanese summer festivals or fireworks shows is to wear a yukata. A traditional summer clothing in Japan, the yukata is comparable to the kimono but is much lighter. Yukata rental stores where you can wear Yukata for a day are easy to find in major Japanese cities including Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto.


When you participate in traditional Japanese festivals while wearing a Yukata dress, the excitement of going there is enhanced. Similar to a kimono but much lighter, it is traditional summer clothing in Japan.

If you travel abroad in August, you must put on a yukata to experience the authentic Japanese summer atmosphere. If you are traveling with a special someone, take advantage of the chance to dress alike in Yukata and stroll down the street holding hands. I hope you have a partner to photograph some special moments of the two of you, or you can enlist some assistance from nearby neighbors.

3. For an Adventure Lover, let’s go hiking


Summer is a great time to go trekking, and the following regions offer some of the best locations for it.

There are some mountains near Tokyo you can try:

  • Fuji: The trek of a lifetime! Visit this page for a detailed guide to trekking Mount Fuji. Mount Takao is a more leisurely hike with routes that go through and around the mountains.
  • Mount Mitake: A stunning climb with waterfalls and temples tucked away in the midst of a pristine environment. a hike of low to medium difficulty.
  • Ten-En Hiking Course in Kamakura: For those who are able to handle a modest hike, this trail connects two temples and passes past lovely flowers, and is ideal for bird watching.
  • Hakone: The routes go through mountains, lovely walks, and tourist attractions. They range in difficulty from easy to difficult.

Near Osaka has some choices:

  • Minoo Park is a short distance from the city’s core. a wide valley where you can take a short hike.
  • Mount Yoshino is a mountaintop in Nara Prefecture that is covered in trees and has pathways that wind through a temple village.

Near Kyoto:

  • A slow ascent of the stairs and path leading to the summit of the mountain on which the shrine is built is required to reach Fushimi Inari. Awe-inspiring views of Kyoto.
  • Kurama Temple is reached after a somewhat challenging hike that ascends a steep, forested mountainside.
  • A long, steep walk leads to a significant temple in the mountains south of Kyoto at Daigoji Temple.

4. Enjoy Japanese cuisine in summer- One of the Best Things To Do In Japan In August


You are sure to discover something you like because there is such a wide variety of seasonal food that is delicious in the summer.

  • Shaved ice is very popular in Japan and comes in a variety of flavors. In the summer, especially during festivals, this dish becomes very well-liked.
  • Hiyashi Chuka: A tasty, savory cold ramen with a variety of toppings.
  • Eel: Japan is the undisputed master of eel preparation, and summer is the ideal time to sample some of the country’s finest eel dishes.
  • Watermelon is one of the fruits associated with summer, therefore you should definitely eat it in Japan (be aware that it may be pricier than you expect).
  • Summer beverages and edamame: If you use alcoholic beverages, be sure to spend a few hot days or evenings with friends while sipping on some cold Japanese beers or one of the many other beverages that the nation has to offer. And edamame is one of the best foods to serve with beverages. Try it cold with a little salt.

5.  Summer wouldn’t be perfect without the beach- The last Things To Do In Japan In August


Do you like the swimming, tanning, and laid-back beach atmosphere? You can try the places listed here. Be aware that distinctive beach houses are frequently built up to provide food, drinks, music, and a chance to find shade at many of the beaches near Tokyo and Osaka.

  • Okinawa

There are many beaches to select from in Japan, but to get you started, a few of the most well-known ones are Manza Beach, Okuma Beach, Emerald Beach, Sesoko Beach, and Araka Beach. The distant islands also have a great deal of additional gorgeous beaches.

  • For those of you who choose to remain nearer to Tokyo: Izu, Enoshima, Kanagawa, Odaiba, Shirahama Beach…etc
  • And for those of you who want to venture a bit further in search of a gem: Ogasawara Islands: Accessible by ferry from Tokyo in 24 hours (once a week), Megijima Island, Shirahama Beach, and Kagawa Prefecture are all nearby.


Even though it can get fairly hot, the summer in Japan is incredibly beautiful, vibrant, and full of activities to enjoy in addition to the breathtaking vistas. The rainy season in Japan ends around August. You can ditch the umbrellas and don your sunglasses to fully experience the ambiance of the Japan festival. I hope this article can give you some suggestions about Things To Do In Japan In August. Thank you for reading!


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