Things To Do In Hiroshima

Top 6 Wonderful Things To Do In Hiroshima

Most people would advise you to concentrate your attention on the memorials of the victims of the atomic attack in 1945 when you visit Hiroshima. However, Hiroshima offers many Wonderful Things To Do In Hiroshima. Check out this fantastic list we’ve put up if you’re unsure of Things To Do In Hiroshima, Japan.

Top 6 Wonderful Things To Do In Hiroshima

1. Visit Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

People pray for peace at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, which is located near the northern tip of the island. The Ota River and the Motoyasu River, two rivers in Hiroshima, combine to form this island. The majority of the monuments honoring the 1945 atomic attack are located in this lovely green park.

Things To Do In Hiroshima

The Atomic Bomb Dome is located on the opposite bank of the river from this park. You may find the Cenotaph for A-Bomb victims at this park, which is near the explosion’s hypocenter. You can also discover the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum if you go a little further south. The Motoyasu-Bashi Bridge is used by the majority of visitors to get to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park from different parts of Hiroshima. The reflecting pool is accessible from this bridge. The park is open every day of the year and admission is free.

2. Come to Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum

This excellent museum is another one of the Things To Do In Hiroshima if you want to comprehend the horrors, repercussions, and implications of the unfathomable tragedy of the atomic attack. The events leading up to the bombing and those that followed are both shown in great detail in this museum.

Things To Do In Hiroshima

It was created for those who wish to comprehend what this nuclear explosion caused to the Japanese people of Hiroshima, Japan, thus it is not for the faint of heart. You will witness the personal effects of the victims in gruesome detail as well as proof from the instant the bomb detonated.

You might want to think twice before bringing kids here because the museum can be difficult for some people to visit. Although the displays aren’t graphic, the human anguish brought on by this horrific event leaves the most impact. When visiting this museum, you will typically observe large groups of schoolchildren. It is 50 Yen for adults but free for kids during the hours of operation, which are 8:30 am to 6:00 pm (March through July and September through November).

3. Atomic Bomb Dome must be added to the list of Things To Do In Hiroshima

Hiroshima was obliterated by a nuclear bomb in August 1945. The Atomic Bomb Dome should be at the top of your list of Things To Do In Hiroshima because it is one of the most recognizable symbols connected to the city of Hiroshima, Japan. It pays tribute to this tragedy. This dome is still exactly as it once was. after the attack, with its mangled metal and debris This Atomic Bomb Dome’s surroundings, for the most part, remained unchanged.

Things To Do In Hiroshima


The Prefectural Industrial Promotion Hall, which was near the bomb’s hypocenter, served as the original structure. The building’s remaining components are utilized to demonstrate the extent of a nuclear weapon’s power and devastation. When visiting Hiroshima, Japan, this dome ought to be at the top of your list of attractions to see.

You will also witness a variety of paper cranes that kids from all over Japan made. These cranes were built as symbols of peace. The kids are taught about the long and arduous journey Japan and the city of Hiroshima had to travel to recover from the nuclear weapon’s devastation. Every day the dome is accessible and open for viewing.

4. Walk around Shukkei-en Garden

This wonderful garden may be found northeast of Hiroshima City. The Shukkei-en Garden, one of Japan’s 100 Historic Parks, is a must-see when determining Things To Do In Hiroshima. Visitors to this garden can enjoy a variety of locations, including a mountainous area, a sandy beach area, a green woodland area, and a valley area.Things To Do In Hiroshima

The term Shukkei-en, which translates to “shrunken-scenery,” aptly depicts the different places concealed in this lovely garden near Hiroshima. This garden, which dates to 1620 (early Edo Period), is frequently referred to be the model Japanese-style garden. As you stroll through this quiet landscape, you will also come across teahouses and serene lakes.

5. Go to Miyajima Island

Miyajima Island is another Things To Do In Hiroshima, Japan. This tiny island is close to the Japanese city of Hiroshima. Miyajima Island is extraordinarily lovely and scenic in the autumn. It is regarded as one of Hiroshima, Japan’s most beautiful locations. In just ten minutes, you can take a ferry from the harbor in Miyajimaguchi to this wonderful island, which is brimming with fine Japanese architecture and culture.

Things To Do In Hiroshima

Ancient temples and current Buddhist temples can be found in abundance on the island. You must visit this island while visiting Hiroshima because of its lush trees. The yearly Water Fireworks is one of the most well-liked events on Miyajima Island in August. The island’s locals lit off fireworks close to the water’s edge. It is a truly amazing sight to view, especially with the Itsukushima Shrine in the background and the river reflecting. Because of the Itsukushima Shrine, which has been on the island for more than 1400 years, many of the locals think that here is the spot where God lives. It is accessible to everyone and opens every day.

6. Try Hiroshima-Style Okonomiyaki

You will inevitably become hungry as the day goes on. You ought to sample their local cuisine when you’re ready. The most well-known cuisine is okonomiyaki, a pancake popular in Hiroshima. Some people compare this dish to a savory pancake. This treat is a special style made from a range of ingredients.

Things To Do In Hiroshima

These ingredients can be virtually whatever you choose, including veggies, noodles, squid, pig, cabbage, sauces, and eggs. The specific components change depending on the shop’s particular and distinctive flair. Okonomimura offers a huge selection of okonomiyaki. It is among the greatest locations to enjoy this regional specialty.

The ideal times to go vary depending on the particular restaurant, however many are open till sunset. The restaurant and the ingredients in the okonomiyaki you choose will also affect the pricing.


Traveling to Hiroshima, Japan, for a holiday is one of the wisest decisions you will ever make. You may explore the rich history of the Japanese people while unwinding and having a fantastic time. Your trip will be successful if you take advantage of these Best Things To Do In Hiroshima. I hope you won’t ever need to know what to do in Hiroshima again.

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